Zone of Silence

The Belarus Free Theatre performed at the Young Vic this evening. This was in support of the campaign Zone Of Silence. They are asking sympathisers to sign a petition in support of human rights in Belarus. I signed and hope you will want to do the same.

Gave a video presentation on P…

Gave a video presentation on Power of Information to event in Australia #poit #openaustralia #theyworkforyou

Speed Matters

I have been involved in a lot of discussions over the last couple of years about the broadband speeds that most users need in the UK. This debate was given extra impetus with the Digital Britain report proposal for a universal broadband service at 2Mbps – To ensure all can access and benefit from the

went on holiday, started new j…

went on holiday, started new job, much techno change, now trying to get back on top of multi-channel comms beast

up too late watching results o…

up too late watching results of #eu09 from holiday – desperately hoping home yorkshire region has not returned a BNP MEP

Hospital Pass Reshuffle

The term ‘hospital pass’ is used in rugby for occasions when a colleague gives you the ball in circumstances where the opposition are immediately going to hit you hard. As we hear of more MPs wanting to stand down from Gordon Brown’s Ministerial team the term seems apt for those who will be offered the

Euro Influence

Over the last few years I have spent a lot of time working on issues before the European Parliament. This experience has shown me just how powerful MEPs are in making laws that have a significant impact on life in the UK. My area of particular concern has been telecommunications where the great bulk of

Tower 09 – Talk on Power of Information

The Cabinet Office and Intellect organised a conference in London on Thursday May 14th 2009 on the theme of ‘Putting Citizens and Businesses in Control’. This brought together a large group of public sector officials and industry representatives. I gave a talk on the work of the Power of Information Taskforce between our sponsoring Minister,

Expenses Cloud Has Silver Lining of Sorts

It seems like every day now that we hear that a Conservative ‘Knight of the Shires’ MP has been required to retire by David Cameron following the revelation of an inappropriate expenses claim. This has the obvious merit of being a public demonstration of David Cameron’s resolve to deal firmly with Conservative MPs whose conduct

The Armenians woz robbed on Eu…

The Armenians woz robbed on Eurovision 2009.