Following the stunning success of Barack Obama with his message of ‘Change’ last year, opposition parties everywhere are itching to claim the change label in their own contests. In the UK, the Conservatives have been moving into this territory with extensive use of the not-so-subtle slogan ‘Vote for Change’. This creates a challenge for the

John Newbigin just referenced …

John Newbigin just referenced an interesting initiative at #psm2009

pondering public service media…

pondering public service media at #psm2009 in context of Power of Information Taskforce work #poit

Moved to see Tamil community o…

Moved to see Tamil community of all ages pouring into Parliament Square and pleased to see that legal attempts to ban demos mean little …

An Allowance for MPs but not for Attendance

I have posted before on my thoughts about reforming the allowance system for MPs. While this involves a daily allowance, this is a very different system from the ‘attendance allowance’ system being proposed now by the Prime Minister which I think is a mistake. Any new system should still be regarded as a payment to

JG Ballard RIP

I was sad to hear yesterday of the death of JG Ballard as I have gained so much enjoyment from his books over many years. It’s always hard to pick favourites amongst an author’s work, but the ones that made most impression on me were probably ‘The Kindness of Women’ and ‘High Rise’.

McBride Downfall…

No sooner have I been tickled by one amusingly subtitled clip from Downfall than someone sends me another very topical one based on this week’s events (PARENTAL GUIDANCE: contains rude words in the subtitles and an evil ranting dictator). NB As an interesting future historical note, clips like this make sense now to those following

WoW Machinima and Downfall Remix

I may be late to this party but am now a convert to the joys of World of Warcraft Machinima on YouTube, especially this great version of I’m Too Sexy. This led me tangentially to this freshly subtitled version of Downfall, the excellent movie about Hitler’s last days that is so darkly absorbing. I wasn’t

Pre-announced ‘anarchist chaos…

Pre-announced ‘anarchist chaos’ so far absent from Westminster – maybe City is in revolt and this is passing me by or was just media hype.

Naughty MPs’ Expenses

As the latest ‘scandal’ about what MPs claim as expenses unfolds, I for one would be happy in future not to know what they spend their money on. That is to say that I hope they will institute a system which does not require item-by-item claims, but uses a simple daily allowance system to ensure